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Welcome to WPTiro – A platform where we regularly publish content about WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, news, and beginner’s tutorials on WordPress.

Here is what you will find on WPTiro:

  • Tips to create blogs, online store, Learning Management System (LMS), and many more.
  • Basic & advanced WordPress core development.
  • Basic & advanced SEO techniques.
  • Information on hand-picked best WordPress themes, plugins, and hostings.

We launched WPTiro on February 4, 2020, with the main focus on sharing the knowledge that we gained over the past years of experience developing websites for clients around the globe.

WPTiro is an answer to:

  • How to start a blog or a website in WordPress?
  • How to get started with WordPress?
  • What is the best approach for developing or customizing WordPress websites?
  • What are the best WordPress themes, plugins and hosting?

Starting this blog has given us a chance to share something meaningful.

Here at WPTiro, we share everything about how to find the best themes, plugins, and hosting platforms to start a blog or business website.

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