Easy Steps To Password Protected in WordPress’s Post or Page

Password Protected

This means you are planning to create a post or page with limited excess using a password. We can use for membership platform for certain audience to visit page or post.

For example, if you planning to post premium resources then this method can be helpful to you.

With default WordPress’s feature, it takes a minute to use this method without looking for a plugin.

Though the general public cannot see it easily, page and post will be indexed by search engines.

If you do not want to index by a search engine then you can do private a post or page. By doing this user will see 404 error as well as a search engine robot.

The private post is visible by the logged users like the editor or administrator according to the user role in WordPress.

How to create a password protected page or post in WordPress

  • Login to wp-admin pannel
  • Add new a post or page.
  • On the right side,you can see status and visibity option then click it.
  • By default visibity is public
  • Now click public and you will see the option protected password.
  • Create password as you like.

From the above images, you are more clear to create protect password to page and post in WordPress.

Now you will be asked for a password in the frontpage while visiting post or page like shown in following image.

This how you can password protected to post or page for a certain audience.

Also can password protected  your WordPress site with single password without user registration.

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