How to Edit Categories in WordPress? Simple Easy Guide

How to Edit Categories in WordPress

In this article, we will show you how easily you can Edit Categories. Also, if you want to learn about categories and how to add them then please read our article on How to Add Categories in WordPress.

As mentioned in our previous article, a category is an important option in WordPress which allows a user to organize posts in WordPress, it lets you group related posts and keep them organized.

Below we will be demonstrating the ways by which you can edit your categories.

Firstly, click on Posts or hover around it to expand its content. Then click on categories that will take you to categories page as shown in the image below.

Once, on the Category page, you can see all the categories you have created. Hover your mouse on the category which you want to change. In this below example, I am going to edit Sports Category which was created in my earlier article. Click on the Edit option.

You can edit any of the fields, and after you are done making the changes click the Update button.

Another method of editing your category is by using the Quick Edit option. Same as before, go to the Categories page and hover around the category which you want to edit. You should see an option Quick Edit, click on it.

Quick Edit will only let you edit the Category Name and its Slug. After you have made the change please click on the Update Category button.

We hope that this article has helped you in understanding how you can edit Category in WordPress. And if you need to know how to delete the categories, please read our article on How to delete Categories in WordPress.

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